The Mississippi Natural Gas Association (MNGA) is a trade association devoted exclusively to promoting development of the natural gas industry in Mississippi. The MNGA sponsors public education, public relations programs . . . and marketing programs aimed at enhancing the distribution of natural gas.

  Power generation, LNG exports globally and pipeline exports to Mexico and Eastern Canada, and new industrial demand are the three rapidly growing base loads natural in gas demand markets. These expanding markets effectively ensure that U.S. gas production will deliver. Because, again, we already know that the gas resource and proven reserves are there.

  ‘The industrial sector is second after power generation and accounts for 28% of U.S. gas demand, compared to nearly 40% two decades ago. Many feel U.S. industrial gas demand might have peaked at 23.3 Bcf/day back in 1997, but others are not so sure. Industry still builds the cement, asphalt, and steel that build our cities, where a rising 82% of all Americans live.

   Natural gas plays a vital role in the nation's energy supply, comprising nearly one-quarter of total U.S. energy consumption. More than 60-million Americans use this cleaning-burning, cost-effective fuel to heat and cool their homes and to cook their food. It is also used as a fuel source in various commercial and industrial sectors. For these and other reasons, the use of natural gas is on the increase in Mississippi and elsewhere.   Energy independence from foreign oil, cleaner air and a more energy efficient life and business style are firmly in our grasp, thanks to the discovery and utilization of America's vast Natural Gas reserves! 

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